Curriculum Design by Kim Wawzysko

Associate of Applied Science in Equine Business


     This curriculum is designed to prepare students for positions within the horse industry. The curriculum is management-oriented, preparing graduates for the widest range of available equine jobs; areas of specialization may be pursued during the internship. Course work includes farm management, breeding, nutrition, selection/judging, and health.  The Equine Business Major prepares individuals to manage the selection, breeding, care, and maintenance of work, athletic, show and/or therapeutic horses; and to manage horse farms, stables, tracks, or equine assisted-activity therapeutic centers, and related equipment and operations. Potential course work includes instruction in applicable principles of animal science, care, and health; stable and track management; design and operation of facilities and equipment; and related issues such as regulations, business management; and logistics. Students have the ability to choose electives to earn certificates in Therapeutic Horsemanship and/or Equine Breeding

Curriculum Design: HST animal Assisted Interactions

Associate of Applied Science in HST: Animal Assisted Interaction


  The Human Services Technology/Animal Assisted Interactions concentration prepares individuals for entry-level positions in service organizations providing animal interactions. The curriculum prepares students to incorporate specially selected animals in goal-directed interactions to facilitate change in people with mental and physical disabilities, social, emotional, and/or cognitive functioning. 

Course work includes a history of the field of animal interventions, relevant scientific evidence regarding the benefits of interactions, theoretical models, application of the human-animal bond and current trends.  

Students gain skills in measurement methodology, and in animal handling and management.