Kim Wawzysko

Experience and Knowledge

Over 20+ years of experience in breeding and raising horses. As a higher education administrator, I started the Agribusiness and Equine educational programs at our local community college. This experience along with my Masters of Management and Masters in Agriculture Science is the added benefit you receive from working with people who know what it takes genetically and nutritionally to breed and raise sport horses; and the leadership abilities to guide people to the human health benefits of equine ownership.


Years of research in education, horses and bloodlines goes into Hanoverian and Oldenburg-Verband horses. Quality means a horse that is physically and emotionally stable for sports. Young offspring have awards as "Premium Foals" and "Foals of Distinction." 

Foals are handled daily from birth. This is essential, it instills the confidence and support foals need to be future sport horses.


I believe in the quality of the horses produced. I offer guidance and education to support a life-long mission to serve equine and people.

Education and Training

In education I work with the adult learner, with equine I work with breeding mares and young developing horses. With adult learning we build on knowledge that we have. With young horses we begin the foundation of knowledge. 


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Kim Wawzysko - 2020 RESUME (pdf)